O нейрональных коррелятах веры

Самой расписывать некогда, да и статьи еще толком не прочитала. Вдруг кому будет интересно

1. The Neural Correlates of Religious and Nonreligious Belief

While religious and nonreligious thinking differentially engage broad regions of the frontal, parietal, and medial temporal lobes, the difference between belief and disbelief appears to be content-independent. Our study compares religious thinking with ordinary cognition and, as such, constitutes a step toward developing a neuropsychology of religion. However, these findings may also further our understanding of how the brain accepts statements of all kinds to be valid descriptions of the world.

2. И еще свежак:
Removing part of the brain can induce inner peace . The two parts of the brain that, when damaged, led to increases in spirituality: the left inferior parietal lobe and the right angular gyrus. These areas at the back of the brain are involved in how we perceive our bodies in spatial relation to the external world.

The Spiritual Brain: Selective Cortical Lesions Modulate Human Self-Transcendence

3. И еще одна ценная ссылочка, чтобы не потерялась, спешиал для
Academic Scientists at Work: I Can’t Believe They Didn’t Like It!

4. И еще одна: продолжения цикла о стволовых клетках от  


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